Retirement Units In Mackay

Trying to sift through all the information on retirement units?

  • Buying or renting a retirement unit?
  • Deciding whether to move from the family home and where to go?
  • Helping an elderly relative or parent?
  • Need to understand the difference between in-home care, independent living, and aged care services and the different types of support available?
  • Do you need to find out more about Government benefits and support currently available?
  • Financial planning calculators and tools?
  • Australian organisations offering advice and support?
  • Looking for special offers and deals on retirement properties to make your lifestyle more affordable?

Whilst spending time with our loved ones, we sometimes notice a worrying decline in their health.


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Fully Furnished & Self Contained Units For Seniors

Fully furnished & self contained units starting at $135 for eligible seniors

In many ways, purchasing a retirement village unit is even harder than buying another type of residential property.

There are different forms of occupancy rights available, different types of legal title, there is the ongoing cost of maintenance and services of facilities in the each different village.


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Retirement Planning Mistakes

8 Critical Retirement Planning Mistakes To Avoid

Not having a cash flow plan. Retirement is all about cash flow not your net worth. Without cash flow you don’t actually have a retirement. It’s your income that will determine your lifestyle in retirement.


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Aged Care Rental Unit

Coping with Resistance Moving Into An Aged Care Rental Unit

One of the biggest issues that faces the families we work with is when they have to have that discussion regarding making that move with a loved one.


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Retire In Mackay

What Is The 4% Rule? How Much Money Do I Need To Retire In Mackay?

In this video I want to explain the 4% rule. This is also known as the safe withdrawal rate or basically the rate at which you can spend your money without running out of money and retiring in Mackay . And this determines when and how much money you need to retire.

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Retirement Village Mackay

What You Need To Know Before Moving Into A Retirement Village In Mackay

If you have all the facts and the right information before you move into a retirement village in Mackay, then you will be much happier and you will enjoy the experience.

Having the right information from the beginning will make your retirement transition a smooth journey and take away all the frustration that searching for the right retirement village solution can cause.

The biggest questions which only you can answer are:


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Pensioner Units For Rent Mackay

Before moving to an assisted living facility or rented pensioner unit, read over these helpful tips….

Even though life is full of changes, the transition from independent living to an assisted lifestyle in a rented pensioner unit does not always come naturally. It is a decision that must be made with proper advice, support and information.


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Top Four Reasons to Move To Senior Rental Accommodation Mackay

There are many great reasons why retired adults should decide to move into Mackay senior rental accommodation facility.

Before making any decisions, however, make sure you have explored all your options. Find the perfect fit for you or your loved one by taking into consideration these four benefits to moving into senior rental accommodation

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Searching For Senior Housing In Mackay?

7 Deadly Sins of Searching for Senior Housing


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Assisted Living Mackay

What’s the difference between assisted living and nursing homes?


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