Important Questions When Assessing Elderly Assisted Living Communities

Choosing the right elderly assisted living community for your loved one is important.

With each elderly assisted living community being so unique, it’s best to tour several facilities and ask critical questions to determine which is best for your loved one to ensure proper care, safety, and quality of life.

To help you be prepared to ask those important questions, use the checklist included below as a guide in order to get the most out of your visit to each center.

If the questions here inspire more questions or concerns, include those as well.

Feel free to adapt this list to your own needs and those of your loved one.

  1. What’s the ratio of staff-to-resident?
  2. What type of training does the staff receive?
  3. What experiences and credentials are required of staff members?
  4. How many are staffed during overnight shifts?
  5. Is there a nurse available 24/7?
  6. Are all staff members authorized and properly qualified to administer medications?
  7. Is the staff experienced with the diagnosis and condition of your loved one?
  8. Is there an initial assessment prior to admission?
  9. What variety of apartments are available?
  10. What is the monthly rate of the apartments?
  11. Is there a wait list and, if so, what’s the policy? How many are already waiting?
  12. What can be said about some of the current residents?
  13. Are there outdoor spaces?
  14. What is the policy for discharging patients?
  15. Are there additional services available in the event a patient’s needs change?
  16. What is the policy for payments and billing?
  17. Does the monthly fee include all charges?
  18. Are there additional services available or charges to expect beyond the monthly fee?
  19. What types of patient activities or other interactions are to be expected?
  20. What is the safety policy and how is it enforced?