Why Consider Mackay Senior Rental Accommodation?

Renting in retirement offers to many benefits. And at Westminster Lodge Mackay, offers even more benefits.

For starters, the most compelling reason is to preserve your hard-earned superannuation. Buying a unit in a retirement village is an expensive proposition with added legal and financial complexities, and potential ongoing costs with body corporate fees, amenities and more.

Renting at Westminster Lodge Mackay allows you the opportunity to free up your superannuation so that you can enjoy a retirement lifestyle of your choosing. There are no expensive upfront fees, no exit fees and no hidden costs. You simply pay a weekly rental fee (excluding insurance, electricity and phone) and a refundable tenancy bond equivalent to 4 weeks accommodation.

By becoming a resident of Westminster Lodge Mackay, you will still get all of the community relationships and benefits of a retirement village. Our group of friendly and welcoming residents form fulfilling relationships sustained by mutual interests. They regularly engage in outings and fun on-site activities.

As an inclusion in your rental, you will also gain the extra enjoyment of three fresh meals a day. Additionally, because you are renting fully-furnished units, you will not have the stress which comes with a full relocation. It is an opportunity to downsize and surround yourself with your most cherished possessions.

Westminster Lodge Mackay residents benefit from daily visits from a chemist. We also have regular visits from a hair-dresser, Oz Care, Blue Care, Anglicare and other senior assistance agencies. We also have a local GP who visits regularly.

Protect your funds and enjoy freedom in retirement with Westminster Lodge Mackay. Contact us for more information.

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Contact Us

The best way to see Westminster Lodge Mackay retirement community is to visit in person. Give our friendly village managers a call today and book an inspection. Phone 07 4955 0088 or go to the Contact Us page.

For more information call 07 49550088