Purchase the Management Rights of Westminster Lodge

It is rare in life that an opportunity comes along which offers a meaningful and fulfiling career PLUS a stable income. But … here it is. The Management Rights for Westminster Lodge Mackay are now available for PURCHASE. Some of the duties of the Village Manager include: The advertising and letting of available units; Catering – [...]

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Retirement Assisted Living

Top Myths About Retirement Assisted Living Retirement assisted living is designed to offer comfort and the feeling of independence to senior folks while at the same time ensuring that they have access to any help that they might require in order to improve the quality of their lives. Be that as it may, many senior people [...]

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Senior Assisted Living

Why Senior Assisted Living is the Best Answer in Retirement For senior citizens, an assisted living community can offer a better quality of life, social life, and wellness than living in their own homes. Here’s a look at why. Social Life for Seniors Today, baby boomers are retiring in record numbers. For many of us, [...]

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Elderly Assisted Living Communities

Important Questions When Assessing Elderly Assisted Living Communities Choosing the right elderly assisted living community for your loved one is important. With each elderly assisted living community being so unique, it’s best to tour several facilities and ask critical questions to determine which is best for your loved one to ensure proper care, safety, and [...]

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Assisted Living Community

Assisted Living Community Taking care of a dementia patient, is neither an easy task for the dementia caregiver nor for their families and loved ones. Most are the times that many families take to assisted living, at this point. But the main question is, if one is able to identify signs, that it is the [...]

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Assisted Living Retirement Community

4 Reasons Why Independent or Assisted Living Retirement Community May Trump Living Alone Most of the population today would prefer to stay in their family homes despite there being other options like independent and assisted living communities. This population has come to this decision since they feel like they will lose their independence. However, research [...]

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Assisted Living Senior Village

How To Overcome Reluctance - Assisted Living Senior Village Are your senior ones reluctant to consider the idea of assisted living senior village? This is an opportunity for you to help them overcome their fear of assisted living senior village. Bringing up the issue of assisted living might be difficult at first, be that as [...]

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Supported Living Community

Supported Living Community vs Residing At Home Surprise and dismay is a common state when shopping for supported living community for your dear one. We often hear the renounce that is costly than residing at home. Supported living can at various situations cost more than living at home, but in many cases, total supported living [...]

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Senior Living Communities

Why Adults Prefer Senior Living Communities The adult communities have changed a lot in recent years. If you have not visited for some time, you might have a little misunderstanding. Current senior living communities Today’s elderly communities do not feel organisational. They range from a cruise ship to smart luxury of a high-end lodge. Many [...]

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Retirement Home Equity

Productivity Commission Research Paper Download The Full Report Here Retirement Home Equity Release Market Retirement Home Equity Key points Most older Australian home owners on low incomes could achieve a modest retirement living standard over the remainder of their lives by drawing on their home equity. Equity release products (ERPs) are designed to [...]

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