4 Reasons Why Independent or Assisted Living Retirement Community May Trump Living Alone

Most of the population today would prefer to stay in their family homes despite there being other options like independent and assisted living communities.

This population has come to this decision since they feel like they will lose their independence.

However, research carried out by AARP and MetLife Mature Market Institution shows that staying in the family homes is not the best with regards to the family budget and overall happiness or quality of life in our golden years.

Well, the fear of losing independence has been overcome by baby boomers who have reinvented assisted living communities where these communities have expanded their markets by providing convenience and retirement services.

Why Independent or Assisted Living May Trump Living Alone.

Gone is there adage where assisted living was perceived as your normal grandma’s nursing home, since today there are a myriad of assorted amenities available in these communities. These services include but are not limited to barber services, beauty services and spas.

Due to these services as well as other social activities, the old are realizing that the independent and assisted living communities are providing convenience, happiness and improved quality life unlike them staying in their homes.

Here are four reasons why making the move to an independent or assisted living retirement community is the right choice for your loved one:

1. Cheap:

Starting as well as keeping and maintaining a family home can be expensive especially when relying on a single fixed income. This is so because of the costs that accrue from minor problems in the house such as leaking roofs or blocked kitchen sinks which arise from time to time since they can’t be predicted at all.

The fact of it being expensive to maintain a family home when relying on one fixed income has been backed up by MoneySense Magazine which says that a single person needs approximately 70% more income than a couple depending on two fixed incomes to cover typical home expenses.

Hence leading to a lot of strain and stress to the one depending on a single fixed income which is no longer necessary due to the availability of independent or assisted living communities.

2. Civilised behavior is kept in check:

One’s behavior can start to deteriorate if one’s always alone and begin to feel depressed. These communities provide social interaction to the aged which reduces the chances of depression.

They also help the aged not feel out of touch with the world especially through outreach programs established by the independent and assisted living communities that enable the aged be involved in the community where they work with children, NGOs or even businesses. They feel alive and not neglected.

3. Enabled physical activity and stimulation:

The assisted living communities engage the aged with programs that keep them active throughout the day. These programs include strength building workouts, water aerobics, gardening etcetera that keep their blood circulation flowing and their bodies remain healthy and strong unlike them staying in the house all day long doing nothing.

4. Socialisation:

Let’s have a reality check first and foremost. When you are alone in the house you are not social at all. You keep to yourself. Is it not more socializing being in an assisted living community with people not only of your age but also people sharing your interests?

It is inevitable that as people age they become less creative hence no amazing plans like when they were teenagers but that shouldn’t worry you anymore. With the assisted living communities, they plan continuous social events for them depending on their interests hence able to keep up their socializing skills.